2nd place prize award for the new Healthcare Unit in Telheiras.

Telheiras Healthcare Unit


The conceptual idea starts with a general idea that the building should not be an airtight structure, but rather a permeable element capable of generating different perspectives and visual relations with the observer, whether inside or outside the building. The building consists of large voids/spaces that provide moments of contemplation and a certain distance from the urban reality. It is for the new triangular square that the building has the greatest expression – the heart of the entire project – where people converge, meet and socialize. Its positioning also allows that there is only one access to its interior, facilitating security of the Healthcare Unit and its internal organization – which is quite intuitive and easy guided. Consisting of 2 floors, mobility is guaranteed by the central location of a single core (consisting on a unique staircase and a lift) previously dimensioned for that purpose.


Location Telheiras, Lisboa, Portugal

Architecture João Lisboa, Marco Mirôto, Catarina Álvares and Lia Ferreira

Engineering Cefiprol – Certificações, Fiscalização e Projectos, Lda

Landscape Maria Telles

Client Câmara Municipal de Lisboa / SRU – Sociedade de Rehabilitação Urbana de Lisboa

Competition Status 2nd Place

Date 2019 – 2020

Imagery Karim Benali