An unique landmark in the territory near Praia do Malhão with a strong focus on architecture/landscape symbiosis

Monte das Malhadinhas House


Located at the highest point of the development, it is proposed that the approach to the house recalls the arrival on an Alentejo hill and personifies the serenity of this local identity.


The compact, concave surfaces of the two proposed volumes welcome the visitor into a circular courtyard occupied by an olive grove and orchard. It is on the rear elevation that the house opens up to the outside, allowing a panoramic view of the whole area, where the water from the pool will merge with the new “lake” to be implemented in the center of the area. Strategically located at the highest elevation, its privacy is guaranteed without the need for walls or other physical barriers, as the green structure and modelling proposed for the plot will allow for natural seclusion in its exterior and interior spaces.


The strategic layout of the three elements built along a circular line allows for full functionality and complementary. The first wooden element, which is almost absent, is dedicated to car parking, the second to the main house and the third, which is close by but set back, to allow it to complement the main house.


On the rear elevation, facing south, overhang areas are created with sheds and reed mats to regulate the incidence of the sun’s rays and create a fusion between indoor and outdoor living.
The distance between the larger volumes was designed to allow versatility and adaptability in their use, depending on the time of year and the various agricultural activities planned for the area.




Location Vila Nova de Milfontes, Odemira, Portugal

Architecture João Lisboa, Marco Mirôto and Inês Santos

Landscape Frederico Vital Soares

Engineering Cefiprol – Certificações, Fiscalização e Projectos, Lda

Client Private

Status Design Development

Date 2022-2024