Full renovation and extension of a traditional portuguese house in Almeirim

Almeirim House


The conceptual approach is to maintain a formal relationship of the existing volumes by introducing a functional adaptation to the interior and a decompression area (pateo) in the contact between the volumes and the street. This decompression will make possible to create a reserved patio inside the plot and establish a new relationship with the outside of areas previously deprived of natural light. The aim is also to consolidate the altimetric rhythm present in the different levels of the flat roofs, restoring an overall architectural harmony to the intervention. This altimetric interplay will also make it possible to attenuate the impact of the construction on the interior of the plot in relation to the housing programme that is to be implemented. This succession of levels will be complemented by the careful location of openings in the internal façades, combining different heights and different formal registers, in order to introduce a more vernacular language.


Location Almeirim, Portugal

Architecture João Lisboa, Marco Mirôto and Inês Santos

Client Private

Status Planning

Date 2023-2024

Imagery Pedro Correia