St Iria Azoia

YEAR 2018
TYPE Healthcare
CLIENT Câmara Municipal de Loures
In order to "lift" the building in the landscape, a hard and crude element was placed in the terrotory - a wall - able to adapt itself to the current landscape. The proposal aims to provide a building with good mobility, without using stairs or lifts so that the appropriation by the user is carried out immediately. This appropriation begins in outer space as the presence of the diagonal wall naturally directs the user to the entrance, demarcated by the reentrant volume on the main elevation. It is intended that the relation between outer and inner space be a constant, and that the scenographic and perspicuous effect is not restricted to the exterior, but extends into the inner space, creating a very close relation. The internal layout scheme is simplified and intuitive, generated around a central patio of great amplitude, that floods the interior space of natural light.